Paper Gift Boxes

Strong, environmentally friendly brown, white or coloured reusable paper gift boxes

Very popular with the retail sector in Australia, our Gift Boxes look great and can handle considerable weight. Our box supplies come in both classic brown and crisp white as well as a range of colours. Attractive and economical, After Bags' gift boxes available plain or are perfect for printing your logo or artwork with up to three colours.

Paper shopping bags, retail Kraft bags and reusable bags are in demand. Customers enjoy enviro bags with carry handles and style, whether traditional brown bags, crisp white or coloured. Plain or printed, our kraft matte paper carry bags heighten the shopping experience as your products are packaged in versatile, strong and elegant simplicity with an eco-friendly touch. Use the 100% natural qualities of kraft bags to increase your brand visibility. Everywhere around Australia, our gift box printing option gives your unique presence in the market an affordable lift as your gift boxes are reused again and again and your brand seen by a much larger audience.

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